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10 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Got Cancer

Hi there!  Are you or a loved one facing a cancer diagnosis?  Are you wondering what you should do and what steps you can take throughout this process to make your journey as successful as possible?

If you are, we’d like to help you!  Hello, my name is Jim Foster and I’ve faced a cancer diagnosis twice in my life over the last 25 years and I’m grateful to be alive today!  My first bout with cancer took 14 months to accurately diagnose, when I finally learned that I had Stage 3B Hodgkin Lymphoma otherwise known as Hodgkin’s Disease.  I underwent months of chemotherapy and eventually was told that my cancer was in remission.  

Then 5 years later, I noticed a lump in my neck and after a biopsy, I was told my cancer had returned.  This time I underwent high dose chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant, otherwise known as a bone marrow transplant.  The second time I got cancer was somewhat easier for me, because I already knew the mistakes I had made when I first got cancer.  I’m very thankful to once again be cancer free and in full remission!

So, in order to help others who are facing a cancer diagnosis, I’ve teamed up with my good friend Bruce Morton, who had his own cancer battle with prostate cancer and brachytherapy radiation treatment and is also now in full remission.

Together, in an effort to help new and current cancer patients, we have interviewed a ton of cancer survivors to learn more about their cancer journeys and find out how they were successful in overcoming cancer.

Based on our own experiences and the experiences of the cancer survivors we have interviewed, we have put together a list of our top 10 things we wish we knew when we first got cancer in order to help YOU avoid the mistakes that we made.  

We’d like to offer it to you for FREE in the hopes that it may help you get off to a more informed start on your personal cancer journey and that you may have more success with your cancer treatments than just facing a cancer diagnosis without knowing what to do.

So we hope you will let us be here to help support you throughout your cancer treatments!

We wish you the absolute best possible outcome with your cancer journey!  


My Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Got Cancer
1.    The importance of an accurate diagnosis
2.    My right to a 2nd opinion and what the process was to obtain one or more opinions.
3.    How to deal with my emotions when I found out I had cancer.
4.    The importance of meeting with a financial social worker as soon as possible.
5.    How to select and train a personal caregiver from the beginning & why it’s so important.
6.    How to tell my family, friends and coworkers that I had cancer.
7.    How to minimize the phone calls & organize the in-person visits that were about to start from friends, family members and people I barely knew.
8.    What were the best ways to increase my chance of survival.
9.    How I could hear from or communicate with others who were dealing with or had survived my same type of cancer.
10.    How to raise money to cover medical expenses with very little effort & without looking desperate.


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